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Lately I have been having severe back pains which I thought were caused by dead weight lifting. Oh yeah I love to lift weights after a good run and it always makes me sleep so well every night after a great exercise. However, these few days I kind of dislike the hour for my usual early evening routine mainly because of my back pain. Obviously, I could no longer lift weights which is a pity because I have improved so much. My friends practically noticed my efforts and they commended for it probably the reason why I also pushed myself a bit harder resulting to injuries.

I just felt like I had to share this video of some chiropractor back cracking joy!

Luckily for me, one of my buddies introduced me to a chiropractor in North York. Actually this is a science which most of us just shun anyways as long as we get positive vibes from it. However, most chiropractors can practically heal back pains with their stellar pressure touches. I do not about you but even if I apply certain pressure on my own back with my bare hands or up against a wall, I sort of feel some sense of relief. I bet that you think I am giving you loads of crap about chiropractors in North York. It is nice to be sceptic though but honestly, I would not share this if I did not get good feeling from it. I feel like sharing my experience so that other like you can also benefit from the practice of chiropractic.

How it works is pretty simple, think about it as an alternative form of medicine. And of course since I like science, I will just give you all the facts. This practice is considered alternative medicine for a reason, you either benefit from it or you do not. Basically, what chiropractors believe is that you experience pain from the fault in your spinal joints. They relieve this pan by manually rearranging your spine, joints and soft tissues that effectively brings back the harmony in your body. Sounds interesting or maybe scary, well when spines are involved of course it becomes scary that is why you should look for authentic chiropractors in North York.

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Another thing that I want to share is the price point of chiropractors. Of course at this point, I believe that you agree that you get some benefits from chiropractic. The service fee of a good chiropractor in North York is really cheap. I like it because it is so relaxing and it is a lot better than your average massage therapy. I will ask you, what would you pay for even the slightest chance of fixing your bad back? Of course you will even pay premium for such a thing! Plus a lot of people are now vouching for it, so why not search for the best Chiropractor North York? You can relax knowing that some research actually back the fact that chiropractic practice is a safe medical practice. Nonetheless, it does not promise that you will be freed from severe back pains overnight.

Honestly, I combine real medicine and alternative medicine or practical medicine if you prefer. When the doctor gives me pills, I think twice if I really need it to let the pain subside, trust me addiction is not my thing. Besides, chiropractic these days is a highly sought service in the U.S., Canada and Australia. The treatments now include advance massage therapy, osteopathy and of course physical therapy. Some say that it is almost proven to heal back and neck pains including lower back pains.

Ok so that said here is my first choice for the the best chiropractor I found in North York and have a look at them on Yelp for reviews. Visiting my chiropractor regularly I found helps my running and recovery so I highly suggest you do too.

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